Marine Technology

A Leader in Marine Technology

Shell has been undertaking lubrication research continuously since 1940 – a strong track record in lubricants innovation stretching back more than 70 years.

Shell’s research shows that fuel economy can be improved by up to two per cent by using the most suitable quality lubricant for an engine. Further savings can be achieved when the lubricants provider and the equipment manufacturer work together to develop bespoke products for a specific vehicle.

Dedicated To Marine Research and Development

The Shell Group invests more than USD1.3 billion every year in research and development and employs more than 8000 technical experts including dedicated marine lubricant scientist who work at our Marine Power and Innovation Centre in Hamburg, Germany dedicated to developing innovative products such as Shell Alexia S4.

Engines installed at the Shell Marine & Power Innovation Centre (MPIC) in Hamburg are used to simulate harsh running conditions, enabling us to put our products through the most rigorous of tests. For instance, a typical test sequence on the new Shell Alexia S4 lubricant comprised 4,000 hours of trials, with inspections and analysis at 2000-hour intervals, in addition to lubricant and fuel sampling every 250 or 500 hours.

Companies working with Shell Marine Products benefit from its global network of local experts. These specialists help customers develop, implement and maintain effective lubrication programmes for every piece of equipment in their fleet. Over 10,000 vessels currently enjoy the benefits of our high quality products.

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